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Removal Services

Will we professionally remove old insulation and contaminates safely

Insulation Removal

Inadequate or damaged insulation in the attic of a building can result in high energy costs and an uncomfortable home or business. Dirty and contaminated attic insulation must be removed by a professional attic insulation removal company.


Attic insulation removal should only be performed by a qualified technician using proper protective clothing and equipment. Removing dirty or contaminated attic insulation is the first step in an integrated approach to thoroughly cleaning an attic prior to installing new insulation. Old, dirty or contaminated attic insulation is inefficient and can cause serious health problems.

High energy bills may be an indication that the attic insulation in a home or business needs to be professionally removed and replaced. Dirty and contaminated attic insulation is often caused by rodents, birds, squirrels, snakes and other nuisance wildlife that take up residence in the attic. The buildup of mold produced by wild animal feces and urine in attics can lead to serious respiratory diseases. Only a professional company that specializes in toxic insulation removal is prepared to properly remove dirty attic insulation without compromising the health of building occupants.


Home and business owners should rely on a professional insulation removal company with the necessary expertise and equipment to properly remove old blown-in insulation. A professional insulation removal company uses a high powered vacuum and hose and other specialty equipment to remove dirty and contaminated blown-in insulation without compromising the health of building occupants.

100 percent of the dust and debris will be suctioned up and safely collected in a high capacity filter bag. The filter bag was custom designed for the safe removal of dirty attic insulation. The attic insulation will then be safely removed from the business or residence.

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Additional Retro-Fit Services

  • Weatherization: We will determine if your home has air leaks by using several different testing measures. If we find air leaks, we will repair holes at plumbing penetrations, electrical penetration, caulk windows, and weather strip doors, as necessary. Weatherization is VERY important to your indoor comfort.
  • Duct Sealing: Leaking ducts can reduce your air conditioning unit's efficiency by up to 30%. We will test your system and make the appropriate repairs. This work may be covered wholly or in part by Local Energy Incentives programs. Call our office today to see if you qualify for incentives and/or any current rebates.
  • Attic Ventilation: Good ventilation is essential for reducing heating and cooling costs. Ventilation is a necessary component of maximizing the efficiency of your insulation and for maintaining a healthy house. We offer a wide range of ventilation products, including ridge vents, soffit vents, turbine vents, solar-powered vents, and static vents.
  • Energy Audit: Our trained representative can give you a free, no obligation general assessment of your home's energy efficiency. If you are looking for a more in-depth energy audit for your home, we can schedule a very detailed assessment of your home's energy efficiency.

Unmatched Performance

Safest insulation. Period

Keeps your AC in or the cold out better than any other solution

  • Adds fire-resistance to your home with our proprietary BurnBarrier technology
  • Unmatched R-Value per square inch of any non-petroleum based insulation system
  • STOP air leakage in its tracks
  • Reduces heat loss and heat gain
  • Reduces amount of energy needed to heat or cool
  • ENERGY STAR compliant
  • Pays for itself in an average of only 4 years from energy savings, some applications pay for themselves in UNDER 1 year!

Environmental Impact

"Cellulose insulation should be a preferred insulation material for (the) environmentally concerned." - Environmental Bldg. News

  • Applegate Cellulose Insulation contains up to 85% recycled paper, and can be up to 50% more effective than other insulations! It's green from start to finish!
  • Manufacturing fiberglass for a home consumes six times more energy than manufacturing Cellulose to insulate the same home to the same R-value.
  • Emissions: There are virtually zero emissions while manufacturing Cellulose Insulation
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Lower Utility Bills

Pays for itself

in an average of only 4 years from energy savings

  • Some installations see a full payback WITHIN 1 year!
  • Reduces heat loss and heat gain
  • Reduces amount of energy needed to heat or cool
  • Increase the life of your HVAC system
  • Comfort you can feel
  • Comfort you can hear
  • Comfort you can enjoy
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